Single Pointed Knitting Needles - Plastic (Pair) - 40cm (sizes 12mm and 15mm)

Plastic needles support the larger diameter of needles (usually from 5.5mm and upwards) as Aluminium or Metal ones in these sizes would just be too heavy. Plastic needles are smooth, sleek, and make your stitches move quickly. They are very flexible and are excellent for all types of yarn and yarn weights. Single Pointed Plastic Knitting Needles are also available in 25cm, 30cm and 35cm lengths.

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Plastic (Pair) - 40cm (size 12mm) 4
Plastic (Pair) - 40cm (size 15mm) 2
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Plastic (Pair) - 40cm (size 12mm)
Plastic (Pair) - 40cm (size 15mm)

40cm Plastic Needles

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