Aluminium Crochet Hooks (sizes 2mm to 5mm)

Aluminium crochet hooks are perfect hooks, especially for a beginner. They are easy to hold, inexpensive and durable, and, like steel hooks, they do not bend. The tip and the throat (the hook) are used to make a stitch, the diameter of the shaft section determines the size of the hook and the grip and the handle are used to hold the hook.

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Product Name Qty
Aluminium (size 2mm) 8
Aluminium (size 2.5mm) 3
Aluminium (size 3mm) 4
Aluminium (size 3.5mm) 3
Aluminium (size 4mm) 8
Aluminium (size 4.5mm) 1
Aluminium (size 5mm) 5
Product Name Price Qty
Aluminium (size 2mm)
Aluminium (size 2.5mm)
Aluminium (size 3mm)
Aluminium (size 3.5mm)
Aluminium (size 4mm)
Aluminium (size 4.5mm)
Aluminium (size 5mm)

Aluminium Crochet Hook

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